Why Google won’t integrate Quora deeply into its searches

I disagree with Narendra Reddy’s post “Google has a problem with “long-tail” searches, and it needs Quora to help fix it” in Gigaom.

I am a big fan of Quora myself. I think it is one of the best websites on the internet, so integrating it deeper into Google’s search would be very interesting, but I think it will never happen, as both Quora and Google will lose more than they will gain.

Quora’s current USP is the high quality of answers from very knowledgable people. The deeper integration into Google will lead to a surge in traffic and therefore questions. As the amount of overall questions increase, the amount of “weak” questions will rise and dilute Quora and turn it into Yahoo answers, leading Quora to move out of its niche. I think there is a place for both Quora and Yahoo answers, but they should should stick to their respective niche.

Google as the other loser will lose search revenue, as advertisers will no longer have the right-hand advertising space. Of course there are less people bidding for the long tail search terms here in discussion. However, even some of these terms have become highly attractive terms for advertisers. On top of this, Quora would no doubt charge Google for the deeper integration, thereby losing even more money.

Therefore, although beneficial for the consumer in reaching the respective goal quicker, I doubt that either Google nor Quora will agree to this.

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